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Monument Limousine Service, as a company, exists to meet the needs of discriminating customers who desire the safe, convenient and luxurious on-demand transportation.  That means knowing that the business executive who needs to be taken from his office to the airport has a vastly different set of demands than the bride and her bridal party on the wedding day.  It means that the company hosting a conference and needing to get their Very Important People from the hotel their speaking engagement needs a response completely different to High School Seniors celebrating their prom.  It means that people living in rural areas and needing transportation to a medical facility or doctor’s office have very different needs to non-profit organizations seeking donations of our time and vehicles to aid in fund-raising.  And our goal is to serve all these needs and more.

Who We Are

In the delivery of its mission, Monument Limousine Service, L.L.C.., has established a goal of exceeding customer expectations, anticipating the customer’s needs, and making the experience memorable for all the right reasons.  We believe that in offering exceptional customer service and providing the finest in luxury transportation, we can become the first choice in limousine and charter services in the competitive Southern Colorado on-demand transportation business.

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